The Internal industrialization Department

1. Smithy: Depending on the most modern methods, heavy equipments and includes cutting, folding and CO2 Welding

2. Cleaning: the electrical panels with special chemicals

3. Industrial painting: Electrostatic powder



  The Panel internal Wiring Department

  1. Distribution panels: main and  subsidiary

 2. Control panels: with its all       different  kinds

 3. K.W.H Meters: residential


The sheet iron corners and selected profile production department

Special Selling Department:

Selling all factories and institution with spare parts and any othe necessary electrical and
industrial equipments.


1. Alia Hospital /Hebron - sub contracted the elect works including
electrical communicate installations and manufacturing switch boards and assembly .
2. Ditto but David's Mountain Orthopedic Hospital/Bethlehem .
3. Ditto but Beir-Zeit University engineering college/ Beir-Zeit .
4. Manufacturing and installation of switch board for St. Joseph Hospital/Bethlehem .
5. Ditto for the maternity wards and operation theater's for
   AL-Mutalaa Hospital / Jerusalem.
6. Ditto for the out patient clinics Al-Maqased Hospital/Jerusalem .
7. Ditto for the operation theater’s in Ramalla Hospital/Ramalla .
8. Ditto but for Khanyounis Hospital /Gaza Strip.
9. Switch boards for the commercial and economic college building in
Beir -Zeit University .
10.Water pump and panel of Ain Senia well’s (Ramalla ) .
11. Main Switch boards of the Beir-Zeit University .
12. Ditto but King Hospital Western/Northern Wing .
13. Ditto but the Japanese Hospital In Jericho .
14. Ditto but for AL-Zaka Hospital in Tulkerm .
15. Ditto but for the AL-Mizan specialized Hospital in Hebron .
16. In Iraq our chief electrician was in charge of executing the following :-
-Execution of substation 33 KV. 132 KV, 400 KV .
-Execution of dispatcher center for elect stations for
 Asia Company -Sweden .
-Execution of elect works for alsughter house
in Baghdad 3000 m2 1979-1982 with cold storage rooms for
transport machine company /Germany .
17. Rafidia Hospital/Nablus-sub-contracted the electrical works including electrical communication installation and manufacturing switch boards and assembly.
18. Execution of all the electrical works in Southern pumping station
in Beit Sahour for the Water Supply and Sewage Authority Bethlehem .
19. Water Pump station for Tulkerm Municipality .
20. Execution of all the electrical works in Bethlehem Guest House
( President Yasser Arafat Official Guest House to Bethlehem 2000 Anniversary) .
21. Water pump and panel of Alrihia wells ( Hebron )
22. Al mashtel Movinbik Hotel in Gaza




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